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Executor Representative Services

Closing your estate will be a challenging and time consuming job. Choosing an experienced executor for your estate is an important decision.

People often appoint family members as executors without discussing the responsibilities and commitment that may be required. Selecting a compassionate and knowledgeable executor will help maintain harmony among loved ones during a time of grieving and loss.

The selection of a professional, impartial executor may be the best choice to fulfill your wishes through a positive and timely process.

David Senna


       Duly Appointed Executor (Personal Representative)

    • Secure, Inventory, Value, or Sell Estate Property
    • Manage estate obligations (including taxes)
    • Represent as estate executor in any claims
    • Distribute estate property to beneficiaries
    • Coordinate with attorney and family members

        Professional expertise to assist Executor  in the performance of their formal duties


  • Confidential, impartial
  • Preserve and protect estate property
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Exercise care, discipline and prudence
  • Maintain accurate records & report to beneficiaries
  • Act efficiently and in a timely manner
  • Facilitate communication with all parties
  • Endeavor to preserve harmony among beneficiaries

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